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Fillings are placed in your teeth when a cavity has been removed. They generally come as either a silver amalgam or tooth-colored material known as composites. Both of these can be an excellent way to restore a tooth once a cavity has been removed.

Silver fillings have been around for a long time. We know they work well and can last a long time. The downside to silver fillings is that unlike composites, which form a bond within the tooth, silver amalgam fillings do not. They also do not look natural. For many, the minute amounts of mercury contained within the material can be an issue. You may want to consider tooth-colored composite material if a filling is required. Tooth-colored composites are always the filling of choice for the front of the mouth, but they also are frequently used in the back. These composite fillings blend very nicely with your existing teeth and are difficult to see once they are placed. Since the composite material actually bonds to your tooth, they require less removal of tooth structure.

See photos of fillings below:

White filling
White Composite Filling - Before
White filling
White Composite Filling - After